Smart homes used to be complicated, expensive and unreliable...


The intelligent, affordable and flexible smart home is coming soon...

At Smart Haus we can offer you a range of Smart Home devices and services to suit every budget.

Welcome to the Smart Haus

The Smart Haus philosophy


Routines… They’re complicated, humans are complicated. Our advanced routines are designed to automate the menial tasks and enrich the home experience to it’s fullest.


Smart Homes are no longer a toy for the wealthy. Everyone deserves to enjoy what technology can offer to your home and our systems are priced so you too can enjoy the future, now.


Consumer technology can disappoint one’s expectations sometimes. Our systems are highly customisable and we strive to give you the freedom to use what you want, how you want.

What makes us different

Ownership and planned obsolescence

Many manufacturers sell devices that rely on internet connected “cloud” services to function. Unfortunately, this means if they decide to switch off those services, your device will become redundant. Or worse, if their cloud goes down, so will your device.

They can also change a free service, to a paid one, at a moment’s notice. If your device relies on the cloud, it’s not truly your device.

This, in our opinion, is unacceptable, and not the way forward. As such, our devices are selected to continue to function without an internet connection where possible, and for as long as the lifetime of the device.

Personal privacy

Many smart home devices run “closed source” software which is not open to scrutiny like “open source” software. Often this software is developed once and forgotten about. Being left unsupported could present a security risk as security holes get discovered. 

These devices and apps will also often gather personal data and share this with 3rd parties or even worse, store it on insecure servers.

Our self-hosted approach means all your data stays with you and in your network. We value your privacy and your smart home should too.

Environmental impact

The global climate crisis means we need to cut energy consumption and reduce our carbon footprint.

All our devices are selected to be as low power as possible.

Smart home routines can dramatically reduce energy consumption. Our system can also monitor the home, helping to identify potential savings.

Also, as most of our devices are non-reliant on a cloud service to continue to function, planned obsolescence is not a problem. This will reduce the need to purchase new hardware and reduce electrical waste.

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