Entertainment Systems

Home Cinema & TV Installation

Our smart home hub will turn any TV with a HDMI input into a smart TV. We can also supply and fit media players for other TV’s so your whole home can become smart TV enabled.

Need a TV mounted on the wall? Having trouble setting up your new system? We also offer installation and set-up services for TV’s and home entertainment devices.

Want to find out the best ways to stream your media around the home? Or maybe you have existing equipment which doesn’t play nice? Get in touch and we can help!

HiFi & Multi Room Audio Installation

Our smart home hub, the PiTV, offers many ways to reproduce your favourite music in the highest of qualities. Whichever device you have connected to your PiTV, your TV, soundbar or AV amp, they can become a Spotify receiver, an Apple Airplay receiver or browse a multitude of music streaming add-ons in Kodi. If you have a local library set up on your network, Kodi can playback that as well.

We can help with setting up and installing HiFi and audio systems throughout the home. If you need some advice or if you have something not working as you’d expect, get in touch and we’ll find out for you.

We’re looking to offer a multi room audio system in the future, in the meantime we can recommend some off the shelf products which might fit your needs.

Retro Gaming

Our smart home hub offers some classic retro gaming fun for all the family. We can also offer bespoke systems that emulate many different classic gaming consoles from home computing systems like the Commodore 64 to full on Arcade machine emulation. Get in touch and let us know what you’re looking for and we can see if we can help.

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