Climate Systems


Our smart home hub, the PiTV, is designed to integrate your existing radiators and boiler into the smart home. Smart TRV’s (The heating control on the side of radiator) present the ability to control the climate of individual rooms or zones and allowing the full flexibility of smart automation’s to control heating demand.

This removes the need of a central thermostat or even a smart thermostat. So we’re eliminating a reliance on the cloud, the possibility of sharing of personal data and the security risk a cloud controlled device could pose.

Some existing smart thermostats or heating systems offer integration into Home Assistant. If you’d prefer us to integrate this, get in touch and we’ll see what can be achieved. Check here to see if your product is supported. 

Air Conditioning

Some air conditioning systems can be integrated with Home Assistant, however, this depends on model and manufacturer. Check here to see if your product is supported. 

If no integration currently exists, a more basic integration can be achieved. Most systems can usually be controlled with infrared remotes. Using an IR system we can control simple on off commands and with power monitoring learn when the device is on or off or even which mode it’s currently set to.

Controlling other functions can present a challenge as IR is only one way communication, the device cannot report back it’s received the command or what it’s current status is. We can only assume this via power monitoring.

If you’re not sure what’s possible with your system, get in touch and we’ll find out for you.

Air Ventilation & Extraction

Most extractor systems can be made smart with simple smart switches to trigger when needed. This can improve power consumption, noise and comfort. 

These usually need to be wired in by a qualified electrician or a competent individual. Let us know if you need help with this.

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