Lighting Systems

Smart Home Lighting

Upgrading your lights to smart lights has multiple benefits. Being able to control the power from anywhere or with an automation is just the beginning. With smart bulbs we can also control brightness and colour so we can set whichever tone suits our mood or activity.

We can also just upgrade the switches to be smart. This has the advantage of being a lot more cost effective with multi bulb fittings and makes nearly all existing light installations compatible. The downside is we can’t control colour or transition.

We can offer design, installation and set-up of smart lighting systems to suit your needs, just get in touch and let us know what you’re looking for.

Custom LED Installations & Mood Lighting

LED’s are everywhere these days. Even light bulbs now use LED technology due to advancements in brightness and manufacturing costs. They also make great mood lighting designs possible. From lighting up walkways to sensory lights, they can do it all. 

We offer custom installation of LED lighting with the latest smart LED’s that can output 16.8 million colours with 32 brightness levels. These are individually controllable meaning we can create elaborate and stunning patterns. These also integrate with your smart home so we can set them according to an automation or control them with voice or the Home Assistant app. 

Have a look at our shop to purchase some ready made kits or get in touch to enquire about custom installations.

Security Lighting

Smart security lights exist but why spend extra on a new light if you have a perfectly good existing external security light? With the addition of an energy monitoring smart switch, these can be made smart and integrate them with our smart home letting us know when it’s triggered.

Internal lighting isn’t always associated with security, however, we can design automation’s to trigger lighting based on any event you wish. Some examples would be flashing lights on unauthorised entry, a smoke alarm or even just for somebody ringing the door when you’re in the bath! Simulating presence when away on holiday is also a great deterrent. 

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