Monitoring Systems

Safety Monitoring

One of the many benefits of a smart home system is safety. Being able to monitor the environment in your home can save you from disaster.

We offer a number of products in our shop such as smoke alarms that conform to EN14604, to gas and Carbon Monoxide detectors. Water sensors can be used to detect any leaks and prevent building and possession damage.

Alerts straight to your phone, mean you will never miss a thing home or away. Visual alerts from lighting in any room mean occupants are alerted immediately despite any possible hindrances. Audible alerts are possible with announcements from smart assistants or more traditional sirens can be used.

Energy Monitoring

Being able to reduce energy consumption is increasingly important for environmental reasons as well as financial. With energy monitoring outlets and data analysis tools we can help you reduce those bills and save the planet at the same time.

Device Tracking

Having a smart home system facilitates the tracking of devices. This can be achieved in various ways for many different purposes. We can enable network connectivity tracking for any device that connects to the network. We can also enable geographical tracking with devices that have a GPS sensor, like mobile phones or tablets. 

There are different ways to achieve this depending on the device, however, any implementation we recommend has one common goal: security. No one likes being followed or tracked but as long as the data is securely shared between those you trust, this can be harmless and highly beneficial for multiple purposes.

Most end goals of device tracking is detecting presence in a home, or even a room, so things like lights, TV’s or even playlists can be activated and deactivated automatically. Also a common integration is with smart home security so your home knows when to switch on or off security.

Another reason to track a device may be to monitor the safety of a person, or child. Much like “find a phone” services our system can track the last known location on a map and even trigger events based on different locations. There really is a lot to be achieved with using tracking and this shouldn’t be a privacy issue to worry about. Get in touch for more info.

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