What can Smart Haus do for you?

“What can Smart Haus do for you?” you may be asking. There are many reasons why making your home “smart” is a great idea and many of these can depend on your own preferences and needs. There are many ways today’s technology can improve your living space, however, there are endless possibilities which are constantly evolving so today’s smart home is just the beginning. 

Automation and time saving

In the modern world the most expensive commodity is your time. Time which is wasted doing menial, day to day tasks. Even saving seconds on each task can add up to minutes doing what you enjoy instead. Also, those tasks can often get left and forgotten, which in turn can cost more time. We can help get some of that time back and make sure those tasks get done.


Humans have used technology to improve living standards since time began, the smart home is just another step forward in improving our quality of life. 

Energy saving

Energy costs are always rising and the home is our biggest energy user. With the challenges of the global climate crisis we must use our resources as efficiently as possible. Smart home technology is here to help us save energy and ultimately, save the planet.

From switching appliances & lights off when not needed to only heating rooms that need it, Smart Haus can help you save money and more importantly, reduce your carbon footprint.


Being secure in your own home, or having the piece of mind your home is safe when you’re not home, is invaluable. We can help you achieve this piece of mind with affordable, reliable technology. Have a look at the many ways to protect and monitor your home with Smart Haus.

Safety and Assistance

The home should be a safe place for all of your family. Safety standards are much higher than ever but there’s still lots of improvements to be made in keeping our loved ones safe. Standard budget safety systems leave a lot of room for improvement and a Smart Haus system can help you achieve a higher level of safety without breaking the bank. From active monitoring to sensing the danger quickly, accurately and being notified anywhere in the world. We’ve got you covered.

Sometimes members of your family like elderly relatives or small children need a little extra assistance. We have many ways in helping them around the home and keeping them safe. People with disabilities can have a hard time doing what most of us take for granted, with Smart Haus Assistance we can help make day to day living that little bit easier.

Pleasure and comfort enhancement

Making sure your home environment is pleasurable and comfortable is one of the main goals of a modern home. From setting the right temperature to adjusting the lighting and sounds to suit your mood. Making your quality time the best it can be, is part of our goal.

Why choose Smart Haus?

There are plenty of ways to build a smart home system and a baffling array of products to choose from. Here’s some of the unique features which make us the smart choice for your home.

The Smart Haus Ethos

The Smart Home industry started life as a niche market for high earners many years ago before the explosion of the internet. Since then it’s developed into a much broader target market thanks in part to affordable technology emerging from the far east and the interest of big corporations like Apple, Google and Samsung. For corporations like these selling hardware isn’t always the most valuable resource to be gained, it’s selling or obtaining your data. One of the trade-offs of the cheap and easy smart home solution is having to sign up to each manufacturer’s mobile app and register your device in their cloud. This has many implications, not all of them positive. At Smart Haus we believe in doing things differently and our product and software Eco System reflects these key principles.

Personal privacy

Many smart home devices run “closed source” software which is not open to scrutiny like “open source” software. Often this software is developed once and forgotten about. Being left unsupported could present a security risk as security holes get discovered. These devices and apps will also often gather personal data and share this with 3rd parties or even worse, store it on insecure servers. Our self-hosted approach means all your data stays with you and in your network. We value your privacy and your smart home should too.

Ownership and planned obsolescence

Many manufacturers sell devices that rely on internet connected “cloud” services to function. Unfortunately, this means if they decide to switch off those services, your device will become redundant. Or worse, if their cloud goes down, so will your device. They can also change a free service, to a paid one, at a moment’s notice. If your device relies on the cloud, it’s not truly your device. This, in our opinion, is unacceptable, and not the way forward. As such, our devices are selected to continue to function without an internet connection where possible, and for as long as the lifetime of the device.

Environmental impact

The global climate crisis means we need to cut energy consumption and reduce our carbon footprint. All our devices are selected to be as low power as possible. Smart home routines can dramatically reduce energy consumption. Our system can also monitor the home, helping to identify potential savings. Also, as most of our devices are non-reliant on a cloud service to continue to function, planned obsolescence is not a problem. This will reduce the need to purchase new hardware and reduce electrical waste.


Routines… They’re complicated, humans are complicated. Our advanced routines or automations are designed to automate the menial tasks and enrich the home experience to it’s fullest. There’s nothing more disappointing than paying a lot of money to buy into a Smart Home Eco System to find the limitations of the product immediately. The software we incorporate in our Hubs make it the most flexible and customisable product available today. With 1000’s of integrations that connect to existing products and the endless possibilities to automate devices that will stretch your imagination to it’s limit.


Smart Homes are no longer a toy for the wealthy. Everyone deserves to enjoy what technology can offer to your home and our systems are priced so you too can enjoy the future, now. Our products are carefully selected with value for money a key criteria but without affecting quality, aesthetics and reliability. 


Technology can often be frustrating when it fails to work as expected. It can often leave you feeling short changed when you’ve purchased a product which doesn’t work correctly. We also understand that many of these technologies are just in their infancy in terms of long term testing and even the biggest names in tech suffer with “bugs” or design flaws. Due to the complicated nature of electronics and software technology it’s very difficult, almost impossible, to achieve 100% reliability and interoperability with every other device. But you can rest assured, that all of our products have been tested and selected with the balance of features and reliability taken into account.

We’re confident that you will enjoy our products and to help you along we aim to fully support our systems after purchase. We also offer a money back guarantee if you’re not totally satisfied with your purchase or the support you’ve received. 

The Smart Haus Eco System

There are a multitude of hubs, standards and eco-system available in today’s market however we try to keep things simple and uniform, using the best technology for the use case. Every manufacturer likes to champion their own standards and some even lock you into a standard with no easy way out bar replacing the whole system. At Smart Haus we firmly believe that open standards and cross manufacturer support is key for any platform to develop into a success and stand the test of time.

Zigbee Smart Home Devices

At the heart of our eco system and integrated into our Hub is the Zigbee communication protocol. Most of our products use this protocol as we believe it to be the best standard for smart home products currently with a wide variety of products available and many advantages over other existing technologies. There is a new standard called Matter but this is some way from being common place and used by many products. Home Assistant is leading the way and we can offer compatible modules to future proof your home.


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WiFi Smart Home Devices

WiFi can still play a part in your Smart Home and sometimes the cost benefits out way the negatives. With a high performance network in place, this can play a beneficial part in your smart home network. There are also many products that function over WiFi but there are some downsides; the majority require a manufacturer application and in some cases, a connection to their servers. Read our ethos above why we think this a bad idea generally. To get around this caveat, we have selected devices which are compatible with Tasmota or ESPHome firmware. This Open Source software replaces the manufacturer firmware and enables us to be sure the device is secure, reliable and yours for as long as the hardware lasts. They don’t require internet access so this can be blocked without affecting usability. They can also be set up and forgotten about without any 3rd party app.

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Home Assistant Unification

Bringing all the products in our eco system together and allowing them to interact with each other is arguably, the most intelligent part, Home Assistant. Thanks to a global army of volunteer developers, it currently features 2759 integrations, which is by far the most complete, open and secure software available for the Smart Home. As one journalist described it“[Home Assistant] is the proverbial ring ‘that in the darkness binds them.’ It is the glue for smart home gear spanning all sorts of manufacturers, from behemoths like Google to minnows like Shelly. It’s a project that has set out to change all of the smart home pitfalls by putting local control, privacy, and interoperability first.”