Athom WiFi Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring & Tasmota

  • PiTV Setup included: If you purchase a PiTV hub we can set this up for you. If you’ve already purchased a PiTV in the past we can set this up too, just add this service to your cart.
  • Energy Saving: Monitor the current, voltage and energy consumption of your devices, provides real-time reports on energy consumption. Keep energy bills low by effectively managing your most power hungry appliances. Create automations based on power use (Washing Machine, Tumble Drier, TV, etc.) 
  • Excellent Design: With a compact and stylish design it will take up the smallest external smart plug footprint. The round shape of the smart plug will fit standard UK socket and won’t block off switches on wall outlets or other plugs above or below.
  • Tasmota firmware: flashed with Tasmota open source firmware so device can be blocked from the internet without affecting functionality and removing need for manufacturer app and accounts. Privacy and security are assured.
  • Home Assistant Integration: Integrates fully with Home Assistant via MQTT or Tasmota integration. Energy usage charts, automations based on energy consumption.
  • Safe and quality construction: CE approved 16 amp rated BS1363-3 plug. Sturdy construction from fire retardant plastic.

Forget to unplug the iron this morning? Want to turn on the humidifier before you go home? Take it easy! Our Smart Plug lets you control anything you can plug into the wall without needing to be in the room. We promise to help you save time, electricity, maintain better home security and make your entire home smarter, help you control your “dumb” devices more effectively and easily.


Turn “dumb” appliances smart with energy monitoring and Home Assistant

Are you forever forgetting about the clothes washing you’ve left in the washing machine? With a few simple automations in Home Assistant we can get alerts all over the house and even on your phone to let you know it’s finished. With the addition of a door sensor we can even get reminders to empty it until the door is opened! We can set this automation up for you with our remote automation builder service.


Remote Setup Details

If you require this setting up on your WiFi, we will need to do this before shipping as it’s impossible to remotely connect this plug to your network. WiFi joining involves connecting your phone or laptop to the plug’s hotspot and thus losing it’s internet connection and any remote access during the process. Full instructions are provided if you prefer to do this yourself.

For Smart Haus to pre-configure the WiFi, your network SSID (name) and PSK (Password) will need to be supplied on checkout. This information is dealt with confidentially and disposed of after use for your peace of mind.

If you prefer to connect to WiFi yourself we can still take care of adding this to your PiTV for you with our remote setup service.


  • Input voltage:100-240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Current:16A(Max)
  • Power rating:3680W
  • Standard:UK
  • Wireless standard:IEEE802.11b/g/n,2.4GHz
  • Housing Color:Whtie
  • Operation Temperature:-20℃~+50℃
  • Plastic material:ABS+PC
  • Fire-protection rating:94-V0