WiFi & Networks

Wireless Networks

At the heart of any smart home, or any home for that matter is a wireless network which connects all your devices together. The more devices which rely on it, the more important it becomes. Often taken for granted until really called upon, it can quickly become apparent that standard ISP routers aren’t adequate.


With the abundance of technology which uses WiFi, the airwaves in and around modern homes can become congested and slow. With our expertise, we can make sure everything works as it should.


We understand how frustrating it can be if you’re trying to work from home and keep getting disconnected, stream your favourite TV show in your bedroom and suffer constant buffering or play on your games console and suffer lag, but there’s a solution for it all.


If you’re looking to improve your existing network or create a new one, just let us know. We can either arrange a survey for larger buildings or just supply the appropriate devices for you to install.

WiFi Health Checks

If you live in the West Midlands area (see our coverage map) and need some help with your WiFi, book an appointment for a WiFi Health Check.


Most routers and WiFi systems come with default settings which aren’t always intelligent enough to correctly adapt to the environment their in. There are lots of ways WiFi systems can be improved from simple placement, to fine tuning system settings. Our expert advice and health check report will address all of this and help you get the most out of your network.


If you’re having problems with your network or just simply want to check everything is working to it’s full potential, our health check will diagnose or prevent any issues immediately.

WiFi Installation

If you live in the West Midlands area (see our coverage map) and need some help choosing a WiFi system or installing it, get in touch. Our friendly and expert installation service will ensure you have a discreet, reliable and effective WiFi network in no time. We can install WiFi coverage into most buildings and even outdoors. If you need to link two buildings together, this can be taken care of as well. 

Data Cabling

Sometimes WiFi just isn’t practical or cost effective. Things like many 4k cameras and 4k streaming can saturate existing WiFi bandwidth. Sometimes a device will require power as well as data so it makes sense to provide a data cable.

We can provide quotes based on surveys, installation and troubleshooting of existing networks.

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