WiFi Health Check Service (RPH)

If you’re having WiFi issues, or you simply want to check everything is working to full it’s full potential, book a WiFi health check now. We will assess the performance of your network giving helpful tips on how to improve speeds and a full report showing the current network state, low coverage zones and improvement recommendations.

  • Get the most out of your devices and uncover hindrances to your network working optimally.
  • Get WiFi into areas you never thought possible.
  • Full refund if you decide to purchase WiFi equipment with installation service from us.
  • Full report with current network state, network interference testing, low coverage zones and improvement recommendations.

*Price covers up to one hour of testing and data gathering which usually covers average household sizes of 1-3 bedrooms. Larger properties may require additional time which is charged at £29.99 per hour.

*Only available within our coverage area and subject to availability. Bookings will be taken after purchase and can be arranged Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. Evenings and weekends are available but subject to an extra £19.99 per hour surcharge.