PiTVR-DVB Freeview Set Top Box Kit – DVR & no compatible Smart TV

The PiTVR-DVB Set Top Box Kit is designed to get DVB-T (Freeview) broadcasts into rooms which don’t have an aerial connection or an existing WiFi network. Comprising two Raspberry Pi computers, one device has an aerial connection and is used as a sender with the included booster and splitter. The other device can be located in another room, within the WiFi range of the other, to receive those broadcasts and present them on the other TV.


Record your favourite programs or movies and keep them for as long as you like, with series recording and instant recording. Record one channel whilst watching another with the integrated 480GB storage. Pausing and rewinding live TV is also possible with Timeshift. You can even reorder channels and rename them how you wish. Ultimate flexibility with Freeview TV.


*A working TV aerial is required with satisfactory signal level. A WiFi network with good coverage is also required unless devices are close enough to form an Ad-Hoc network. Please enquire if you’re unsure of your premises suitability.

Kit comprising:

  • PiTV4-DVB
  • PiTV02
  • 480GB SSD Storage for recording & pausing Live TV.
  • Aerial Booster & Splitter with 4G filter.