Ethernet Network Cable – External Cat6 UTP Solid White – 100m reel

100m reel of External Cat6 Ethernet Network Cable for internal or external use.


  • Suitable for Gigabit Ethernet applications
  • LDPE outer sheath
  • Pure copper cores

Cat 6 outdoor networking cable has FULL COPPER 23AWG twisted pairs and can be used indoor as well as outdoor. Its ideal for long or short runs and is UV resistant thanks to its PE sheath ensuring it wont erode over time like standard networking cables when left outside. Our Cat 6 cables are also waterproof and can even be buried underground!

The cat 6 cable has a divider that separates the twisted pairs reducing any chance of cross talk ensuring you receive the best possible speed whilst reducing the chance of interference.

Cat 6 is capable of gigabit speeds (this is dependent on your network). Our cat 6 cables are high spec 23 AWG cables that are easily installed and provide reliable results every time!

CAT6 Gigabit – Pure Copper Cable Approx 7mm diameter cable 4x2x0.56 Copper / 0.98HDPE + 4.5 Separator + 6.0PE UV resistant