Data Recovery Service with 1 TB External Hard Drive

If you have an external hard drive that isn’t recognised or a laptop/PC which fails to start up, it’s not the end of the world for all your data. In many cases files can be recovered to another drive and we can take care to recover as much as possible and storing it safely on a brand new external 2.5″ hard drive.


The service includes:

  • Recovery of data onto a new 1TB drive. Larger drives are available at an extra cost.
  • Returning both new and old drives.
  • If your drive is in your PC or Laptop, these can be delivered to us for HDD extraction. Extra fee’s are required, please enquire here.
  • If no data is able to be extracted then there is no charge apart from a processing fee of £20 is liable to cover costs.
  • 100% data privacy.


  • The HDD must not be physically damaged unless this is only superficial damage to a caddy or accessories.
  • If you’re unsure please enquire here before ordering and we can verify if this service is suitable for you.