SSD Upgrade Service (drop off) with 480 GB Hard Drive

Does your computer take minutes rather than seconds to start up? If so, then chances are you have an outdated mechanical hard drive. Give your PC or laptop the most cost effective speed boost available.


Computer start up time can be dramatically reduced ten fold, wait ten seconds instead over 60! Launching applications can be up to 30% faster. Typically SSD’s are 300% faster than a traditional mechanical hard drive. Not only that but SSD drives can last 2-3 times longer than their mechanical counterparts. They are also drop proof, light, compact in size and low energy, so ideal for laptops! It really is the best upgrade you can give your computer.


Keep all your data and programs just the way they were. With our on site backup service we take care of setting your new drive up for you so your data and operating system is copied to the new drive exactly the way it was, but faster!


The service includes:

  • Removing your old hard drive from your PC or Laptop.
  • Imaging all your data to the new SSD hard drive.
  • Installation and system configuration of the new SSD drive.
  • High Speed Crucial 480 GB SSD Drive.
    • 540 MB/s Read Speed, 510 MB/s Write Speed, 3D NAND, SATA, 3 year Warranty.
  • Return of your system via courier or local delivery.



  • Your PC/Laptop dropped off or couriered to our office. Collection can be arranged, contact us for a price.
  • PC or Laptop with a SATA hard drive connection.
  • Less than 400 GB of data to migrate onto the new drive. (Verify in Windows by right clicking on the C: drive in “My Computer” and checking the “Used Space” figure.
  • If you’re unsure please enquire here before ordering and we can verify by the system model number. If this isn’t available we can run a diagnostic utility remotely (Add our remote support service @ £19.99).

Original price was: £99.99.Current price is: £89.99.