Network Cable Installation – 100m

The second most important part of any smart home (behind electricity!) is data. You can transmit so many different services over data cabling making it as important as any other utility in the modern home. Services like TV, internet access, multi room audio, gaming and just about any smart home device will require some kind of data connection. Often this is wireless but this is susceptible to interference and signal failure to due to distance and obstructions.


Providing data cabling to all parts of your house is future proofing your house and adding value, attracting high earning tech savvy owners. If you’re doing renovation work or starting a new build make sure you get in touch to see how little it will cost to get your project the 21st century stamp of approval.


The service includes:

  • The installation of up to 100m of a data cable (CAT5e/6/6a) with open access routes.
  • Does NOT include the cost of the cable, this can be purchased separately.
  • Does NOT include installation and concealment into finished properties.
  • Up to eight pairs of standard white plastic wall sockets and fixings.


  • All access must be open and any cable routes unobstructed.
  • Adequately specified cable for the installation requirements (can be supplied in addition).