Strybar 4 Button Remote Control Stainless Steel

AAA Battery powered Zigbee Wireless smart bulb remote control. Primarily used to control smart light bulbs but can be used to control anything in Home Assistant. Four buttons to control other smart home accessories with three actions: single press and press hold.  Two year battery life based upon average use.

  • PiTV Pairing & Setup included: If you purchase a PiTV hub we can pair and set this up for you. If you’ve already purchased a PiTV in the past we can set this up too, just add this service to your cart.
  • Wireless Protocol: Zigbee
  • Battery: AAA (not included)
  • Binding: Supports binding directly to a bulb so it can be controlled even if the hub is unavailable.
  • Mounting: Surface mounted on wall with supplied magnetic holder. Can be screwed in or stuck with supplied adhesive pad.
  • Home Assistant Integration: Compatible with Zigbee2MQTT (PiTV) coordinator software.


You can use this zigbee remote control with anything you like with a PiTV hub. It’s primary use is lighting and you can bind this remote to up to 10 smart light bulbs directly without the need for a hub. Dim, switch on and off, choose colours and step by step change from warm to cold light. With this remote control you can dim your lighting or anything else you wish without a wired-in installation. A magnet makes it easy to attach the remote control to the wall bracket.