Bosch Twinguard Smoke Detector with Air Quality Measurement Zigbee

Safe Smart Home with the Twinguard

The Twinguard gives you excellent fire protection so that you can respond right away in an alarm situation and take any necessary measures. It adjusts pre-defined sensitivity values for smoke detection perfectly to suit different living rooms. It can also be linked with other smoke alarms to transmit alarm signals throughout the whole house. As well as all this, its elegant, simple design allows it to fit seamlessly into your home environment.

Smart forwarding to connected smoke detectors everywhere in your home

Stay on the safe side: as soon as a Twinguard detects smoke, it passes on a signal to all connected smoke detectors and Twinguards in your home. An alarm is immediately sounded on all smoke detectors. Even if you are in the cellar, you will still hear the alarm when the oil in the frying pan overheats in the kitchen so you can take action faster.

Create your personal feel-good atmosphere

The Twinguard continuously monitors your indoor air, room temperature and relative humidity, and informs you if they fall below or exceed your defined optimal ranges. There is even a ‘ventilation reminder’ which works using a light signal on your smart lamps. The Twinguard stores the air quality data, allowing you to track the changes over a period of time, and gradually get a better feeling for healthy room air.

Scare off potential burglars

Add the Twinguard to your alarm system for comprehensive burglary protection. Door/window Contacts or Motion Detectors pick up intruders trying to enter your home. The siren of the Smoke Detector immediately raises the alarm and passes it onto all connected Smoke Detectors in your home. At the same time, the integrated Philips Hue lamps start to flash red. Scared off by acoustic and optical alarm signals the intruder flees – and the burglary is foiled.

  • PiTV/NuCCTV Pairing & Setup included: If you purchase a PiTV hub we can pair and set this up for you. If you’ve already purchased a PiTV in the past we can set this up too, just add this service to your cart.
  • High accuracy smoke detector.
  • Around 1-2 year battery life
  • Low Battery alerts, product faulty alerts.
  • ‎Alarm siren with sound pressure more than 85 dba


  • Battery:6 x 1.5 V AA alkaline
  • Mounting: Bracket screw
  • Home Assistant Integration: Compatible with Zigbee2MQTT (PiTV) coordinator software.
  • Dimensions: 138 x 138 x 41 mm
  • 2 in 1: Professional fire protection and constant air quality measurement in one device
  • React quickly: Immediate app notification with quick dialling in the event of an alarm
  • Healthy room air: Continuous measurement of air quality, room temperature and relative humidity with push message via app in the event of poor values
  • Ventilation reminder: Philips Hue and LEDVANCE Smart+ lamps integrated into the system signal air quality (green/yellow/red) so that you can open windows where necessary
  • Box contents: 1x Twinguard smoke alarm, 6x preinstalled AA alkaline batteries, 1x installation plate for ceiling mounting, 2x screws and dowels, 1x installation guide