Honeywell IS312 PIR Pet Immune Motion Sensor

  • Introducing the IS312 PIR Pet Immune Motion Sensor, the ultimate solution for homeowners seeking reliable security without compromising the comfort of their pets:
    • Pet Immune Technology: Designed to minimise false alarms triggered by pets under 80 lbs, ensuring only genuine threats are detected.
    • Advanced Detection: Utilises passive infrared technology to accurately detect motion, offering unparalleled intrusion detection.
    • Easy Installation: Compact and easy to install, this sensor integrates seamlessly into your existing security system.
    • Wide Coverage Area: Offers a broad detection range, providing comprehensive coverage for any room.
    • Durable Design: Built to last, the IS312 withstands everyday use, maintaining its sensitivity and reliability over time.

    Secure your home with confidence with the IS312 PIR Pet Immune Motion Sensor, where advanced technology meets pet-friendly security.