Rethink the smart home

One hub, one app, thousands of compatible devices

With our hubs which run the open source, Home Assistant software, we can integrate thousands of Smart Home products and security cameras into one mobile app.


No longer will you need to remember which app controls which product or remember sign in details for each app. Say goodbye to hundreds of apps clogging up your phone.


Every device will work with one another to create endless possibilities for automation’s or routines.


These are just some of the possibilities:


  • Control Lights, Plugs, TV’s and Smart Speakers with voice, the mobile app or automatically with routines such as when you’re home/away, when you’re in a room or at sunrise/sunset for example.
  • View and hear your cameras or smart doorbell and trigger pre-recorded responses.
  • See the security status of your Smart Alarm sensors with Zigbee/Matter/Z-Wave or Konnected for wired systems.
  • See and adjust the temperature all over your home with smart radiator valves or thermostats.
  • Get  security alerts to your phone with instant notifications and monitor devices to make sure you’re protected.

Works with...

No nonsense, affordably priced technology that works

Forget spending thousands on technology that’s over complicated, tied to ever increasing subscription costs and relies on 3rd party servers to function.


With our range of Smart Home tech, all your data is stored on your device locally, not in the cloud and only you can access it. You own your information and you won’t have to worry about server outages or internet outages, your smart home will continue to function.

Unleash the power of advanced automation, that’s easy to use

Smart Homes should be easy to use and be as automatic as possible. We take care of the hard part so you can sit back and enjoy technology that works for you. We can make your home do things you’ve never dreamt possible and design every system on your requirements.

Lets work together to make things better!

Our ethos is that the smart home should be open, compatible and secure. All our products are selected on these principles. Interoperability is the key to any smart home and the industry has realised this with the Matter protocol. Home Assistant is in prime position to take advantage of that. 



We strive to cooperate and support all open source developers and partner with manufacturers to improve the smart home experience for everybody. By choosing us, you will be doing the same!

Smart Security Cameras – The ultimate security deterrent

Traditional security cameras aren’t that useful as a security option. What’s the point in recording someone breaking in to your property? The damage is done and most of the time, they can’t even be identified, if the police even investigate! 


With our system you will be able to give an intruder the ultimate deterrent as soon as they set foot on your property: someone being home and the threat of police presence.  Get instant smart intruder alerts to your phone or smart speaker to help you identify intruders immediately. Even if you’re not home or asleep, we can trigger internal lights to come on, even TV’s or radio’s if you want to go for the full “Home Alone” effect! This is achieved with inexpensive smart plugs or modules and some simple magic from our Smart Home hub.


  • Person / Car / Object detection: Only get alerts and recordings for objects that matter with accurate object detection. When alerts are accurate, they become more meaningful.
  • Mobile Alerts: Get notifications with images instantly to your phone, wherever you are. Watch clips and even trigger smart home actions straight from the Home Assistant app. Add a 4G module to your system and get notified by SMS in case you’re in an area with no mobile data.
  • Smart Home Actions: Trigger smart home devices automatically when an intruder is detected. Turn on indoor or outdoor lights to simulate someone being awake. Play sounds through a compatible speaker. Turn off these alerts when you arrive home to stop being alerted of your own presence
  • Cameras with two-way Audio: Speak to intruders yourself to warn them off from a safe distance or automatically play your own custom messages on person detection.

Networks and WiFi made easy

The backbone of any smart home is your network. Whether it’s poor WiFi or a slow computer, we can help with that. 


If you want no nonsense advice on how to improve your network, or even extend it, get in touch for the best advice. It could save you £’s and keep your family and guests happy!

Smart Haus Services – We take care of the hard part

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a smart home but you’re just not sure where to start, let us take of it. We can advise on the best products for your needs, take care of installation & setup, and give you a full demonstration of how your new product works.


And don’t worry, we’re happy to support you well after your purchase. We guarantee all our work and offer a comprehensive after sales support service.


Make your Alarm system Smart with Konnected

If you have an existing wired alarm system we can make this smart with the Konnected conversion kit.

  • Get app control of your alarm system and instantly view the status of your home in one app
  • Get complete control of your sensors, turn on lights with doors and motion sensors for example.
  • Reduce your monthly bills by cancelling monitoring, you get real time alerts on your phone.
  • Automatically arm and disarm your alarm with your phone
  • Trigger the siren from your phone

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Take a deeper look at our services and products:

Welcome to the Smart Haus

The Smart Haus Technologies philosophy


Routines… They’re complicated, humans are complicated. Our advanced routines are designed to automate the menial tasks and enrich the home experience to it’s fullest.


Smart Homes are no longer a toy for the wealthy. Everyone deserves to enjoy what technology can offer to your home and our systems are priced so you too can enjoy the future, now.


Consumer technology can disappoint one’s expectations sometimes. Our systems are highly customisable and we strive to give you the freedom to use what you want, how you want.

What makes our Smart Home devices and services different

Ownership and planned obsolescence

Many manufacturers sell devices that rely on internet connected “cloud” services to function. Unfortunately, this means if they decide to switch off those services, your device will become redundant. Or worse, if their cloud goes down, so will your device.

They can also change a free service, to a paid one, at a moment’s notice. If your device relies on the cloud, it’s not truly your device.

This, in our opinion, is unacceptable, and not the way forward. As such, our devices are selected to continue to function without an internet connection where possible, and for as long as the lifetime of the device.

Personal privacy

Many smart home devices run “closed source” software which is not open to public scrutiny like “open source” software. Often this software is developed once and forgotten about. Being left unsupported could present a security risk as security holes get discovered. 

These devices and apps will also often gather personal data and share this with 3rd parties or even worse, store it on insecure servers.

Our self-hosted approach means all your data stays with you and in your network. We value your privacy and your smart home should too.

Environmental impact

The global climate crisis means we need to cut energy consumption and reduce our carbon footprint.

All our devices are selected to be as low power as possible.

Smart home routines can dramatically reduce energy consumption. Our system can also monitor the home, helping to identify potential savings.

Also, as most of our devices are non-reliant on a cloud service to continue to function, planned obsolescence is not a problem. This will reduce the need to purchase new hardware and reduce electrical waste.

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