DieseRC Wireless Light Switch & Module 433Mhz RF

  • Wireless Protocol: 433Mhz
  • Switch Battery: 12V 27A
  • Module: Mains Powered, requires both neutral and live wires.
  • Max Load: 10A/2200W
  • Module Mounting: into wall or ceiling cavity.
  • 433Mhz RF wireless lights switch.No wiring needed between lights and switch.Stable and reliable performance with high reception sensitivity (> – 97dBm). Radio frequency signal transmission.Strong signal can pass walls, floors, doors,board and so on.It can be controlled within 50 meters distance in open area.
  • The wireless switch can be fixed with double-sided tape or screws. You can switch on/off device from anywhere via the wireless switch. It is 86 standard type switch.
  • The mini size of receiver is 47*42*23 mm. It installs between power supply and device. It can be easily hidden in most electrical boxes or junction boxes, or also use screws to fix on the board. You can easily to install it to control lights or plug. No wiring request.
  • Each receiver can store about 10 wireless switch. So you can share the switches to family. All of you can remote control the device connect with the receiver. And one transmitter can control multiple receivers too.For example 1 switch installed on the wall next to the bedroom door, and another one put on the bedside cabinet.
  • High-quality relay that can be used over 400,000 times.This receiver adopts 10 Amp relay, which can load high-power electrical appliances. The receiver is suitable for AC 85V~250V voltage, so AC 110V/ 220V/ 230V is OK.
  • The wireless switch can be clicked over 500,000 times. The  battery is requested. And it can work for about 5 years. The battery can be replaced after disassembly.
  • Extremely easy to setup and reset. You can easily add additional wireless switches by yourself depends on your needs.

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