Everything Presence One Kit

This ultimate smart home sensor supports a 24GHz mmWave Sensor for precise motion tracking as well as a powerful PIR for lightning fast responses. With a Temperature and Humidity sensor for monitoring climate status, Ambient Lighting sensor for smart control of lights, Bluetooth Tracking for wearables and an ESP32 for connectivity.

  • New 24GHz mmWave Sensor detects the smallest movements for accurate and reliable presence detection with a MASSIVE 25m detection zone – added through dedicated header pins. Detection angle is 100 x 40
  • Powerful Panasonic Industrial PIR motion sensor provides lightning fast, immediate response to larger movements, with a 12m detection zone – added through on-board socket
  • On-board temperature and humidity sensor*
  • On-board ambient light sensor
  • Easy Mount Casing
  • ESP32 provides WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity
  • Bluetooth Proxy for Home Assistant!
  • 4 additional GPIO pins allow for expansion
  • Comes with ESPHome pre-Installed for direct integration and adoption into Home Assistant
  • Flashable with your own software
  • Powered by either (selectable jumper):
    • 5v, 500ma USB-C Port (PSU/cable not supplied)
    • 5v input headers
  • Power consumption has been measured at 240mA during initial boot and 160mA during normal operation.
  • PCB footprint is 62mm x 42mm